Bonus Class D: Ice Dyeing

Demystifying fabric dyeing and having fun at the same time! What could be better!!
This is an introduction to fabric dyeing the fun way. You will learn an easy fabric-dyeing technique called “ice-dyeing” and will create at least two beautiful rayon scarves. The class will include information about the process of fabric dyeing, how to use ProcionMX fabric dyes, and basic color mixing theory (so you don’t end up with an all-brown scarf).

Supply ListAndrews

Supply List:
• Protective gloves: Dishwashing gloves (1 pair) or disposable gloves (6 pair)
• Small Bucket: 1-2 gallon
• Roll of cheap paper towels
• Two small plastic trash bags, or 4 grocery store plastic bags, making sure there are no holes in them
• One cardboard box that is at least 16” x 12” x 12”
• An apron, big shirt, or wear clothes you don’t mind getting dye on
Class fee: $16.00. The class fee includes two rayon scarves, a dust mask, soda ash soaking solution, professional dyers detergent, and an assortment of dye colors from which to choose.
Yardage: None. Scarves will be provided as part of the class fee.

Contact me if you have questions or need clarification: Linda Kramer 513.756.9684.